Jan 8, 2020

January 2020 Meeting agenda

January 9, 2020 is the first FPAC meeting of 2020! The agenda is robust and we look forward to sharing with our members, partners, and community members. 

January 9, 2020, 2-3pm, Liberty’s Kitchen
Welcome and introductions (2-2:10)

FPAC updates (2:10-2:15)

  • City Council resolution
  • GFFA mini-grant (policy education series with families and educators)

Working Group updates and looking forward (2:15-2:35)

  • Biz Dev
  • Food Production
  • Food Access
  • Waste Recovery

Policy updates (2:35-2:50)


  • SNAP AWOB ruling (April 2020)
  • Public Charge Rule- counting SNAP, Medicaid and housing against DHS eligibility.
  • CARE Act for Kids (S.2760)- Expands free and reduced lunch to caregiver families. Came out of the opioid epidemic. Brought by PA’s Bob Casey. 


Last year we successfully advocated for 4 policy changes

  • FPAC as advisory body
  • Small box healthy food-min shelf space, spacing between small box retailers, definitions of healthy and frozen foods. 
  • Small box agriculture- can sell on farm, can have structures, sell eggs
  • Local Food Procurement Resolution


  • Biz Development- licensing and regulatory barriers, kitchen availability, economic opportunity
  • Farmer support
  • Head Start healthy food and habits


Next meeting March 12- Can you host??



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