Oct 8, 2019

Small Box Retail Diversity Study

The Small Box Retail Diversity Study recommended ordinance changes, initiated by New Orleans City Council and completed by the City Planning Commission, has been deferred again to October 17. These recommendations help ensure more New Orleanians have access to fresh, healthy food by defining fresh and frozen food, Small Box Retailer, and Grocery Store. Additionally it places spacing requirements between stores defined as Small Box Retailers and incentivizes stocking healthy food. 

How to get involved. 

Come to the October 17 meeting at City Council Chambers. Meeting begins at 10am; check the agenda on October 16 to see the position on the docket.
Call or visit your Councilmember to let them know how you feel about this important issue. Find your Councilmember and their contact info.

Small box landscape




Senator Cassidy: (202) 224-5824

Senator Kennedy: (202) 224-4623

View the FPAC Advocacy Guide here to learn more about how to contact your representatives.

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