Sep 17, 2019

FPAC September 2019 meeting notes and updates

FPAC held it's September 2019 meet on September 12, 2-3pm at Liberty's Kitchen. Meeting was open to the public and announced via social media, website, and partner networks. 

Detailed notes from the meeting can be found here

Policy Updates
FPAC to meet with Governance committee and then on Council agenda in October to renew relationship as official advisory body on food to New Orleans City Council
Small Box Diversity Study has passed through CPC and will be discussed at the next City Council meeting on September 19 at 1:30PM.
Erin Brock and Danny Mintz discussed changes to Broad Based SNAP Eligibility Requirements. Webinar with more information.

Working Group updates
Food Production
Food Production is collecting information through the Urban Ag Survey in order to generate a report to send to City Council. Everyone encouraged to take the survey for a comprehensive data set.
Food Access
Food Access discussed future Courageous Conversations with emphasis on Farm to School issues such as child nutrition meals and nutrition literacy.
Business Development
The Business Development Working Group is working to make sure opportunities and policies for food businesses are sound and equitable. They are also working on bridging the gap between large festivals like Essence and local food.
(Ad hoc) Food Waste
Antonio Alonzo and Susan Sakash discussed forming an ad hoc working group based around food waste dealing with food recovery and food reclamation.

FPAC updates
Farm to ECE work
Pilot still active and garden is on the horizon for this fall. Toolkit will be available on the website by the end of the month. 

Meeting Adjourned at 3:00. For questions, concerns, edits, or comments, please contact Executive Director Elisa Munoz-Miller.

Next meeting: November 14, 2-3pm, Trumpet Icehouse.



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