Jul 26, 2019

Policy Alert-New SNAP eligibility rules

Policy Action Alert- Proposed SNAP changes

The U.S. Department of Agriculture proposed new rules Tuesday that would cut access to SNAP, formerly known as food stamps, for households with savings and other assets, a measure that  would cut benefits for nearly 3 million people. 

Current rules give states the ability to raise SNAP income eligibility limits so low-income families with housing and child care costs that are a large portion of their income can continue to receive help affording adequate food. Rules now set a gross income cap of 130% of the poverty line for SNAP recipients. But states use something called "broad-based categorical eligibility (cat-e)" to allow families getting other assistance for housing or child care to receive some SNAP benefits, even if their incomes are as high as 200% of the poverty level, as long as they have other expenses that cut their net incomes below a certain level. The new rules would change that, not allowing states this flexibility and force families with low-income to use more of it on food or go without. 

To be eligible for SNAP, a household’s gross income must be below 130% of the federal poverty line. In 2019, that is $32,640 a year for a family of four. Nearly 40 million people received SNAP benefits in 2018 and nearly 1 in 5 in Louisiana. 

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