Mar 14, 2019

Policy Alert: SNAP Time Limits Waiver

SNAP Time Limit Waivers: The comment period for the proposed change to SNAP rules that would impose a harsh time limit on childless adults who can't consistently document 80 hours of work per month is still open. The rule is difficult to administer and prone to kicking people off of SNAP for paperwork reasons. It is estimated that a minimum of 60,000-70,000 people in Louisiana would be subject to the rule each year if it went into effect. Due to its comparatively high levels of unemployment, Louisiana is one of only a few states that still benefits from a statewide waiver of this time limit, meaning our state has a lot to lose if the rules are changed to make our waiver more difficult to acquire. You can comment on the rule as both an organization and an individual at Commenting and generating comments do not count as lobbying.

More information can be found here.

Thank you to our partners at Louisiana Budget Project for this information. 



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