May 31, 2018

June 2018 Postcard Campaign

Encourage Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy to support our farms and everyone's right to good food in the next Farm Bill!

Postcards sent en masse throughout the month of June (New Orleans Eat Local Month) will deliver a message of hope and encouragement from farmers, agricultural and food stakeholders, and regular citizens (we all eat). This message is to encourage Senator Cassidy to act in support of food-farmers and food-eaters in Louisiana.

postcards for food system

How can Senator Cassidy act on this? We can encourage him to:

  • Co-sponsor the Urban Agriculture Act of 2016
  • Support the Next Generation in Agriculture Act of 2018
  • Support a Farm Bill that provides nutrition/food assistance to low-income households
  • Support a Farm Bill that funds programs for local food marketing and promotion
  • Support a Farm Bill that maintains funding for programs used by small farmers growing food crops sold into local market

How can you write an effective postcard?

  • Check the sidebar for resources and facts for inspiration
  • Keep postcard message simple: choose one encouragement and support it with 1-2 personal details or facts about Louisiana’s food system
  • Include your address so Sen. Cassidy knows you are a Louisiana constituent
  • Try to use a postcard from Louisiana to show state pride and add relevance
  • Mail it by June 21st (to ensure June delivery) to the nearest office, or to Senator Cassidy's D.C. headquarters

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