May 15, 2018

Possible Cuts to Farm, Food, and Nutrition Programs! Your Voice Needed May 15th and 16th!

Tuesday, May 15th-Wednesday, May 16th:

Call the Capitol switchboard: (202) 224-3121 and speak up about your feelings on H.B. 2, the proposed food and farm bill.


TAKE ACTION! Full Article Here
From the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition,

A few agriculture-related points regarding H.B. 2, The Farm Bill proposed by the House:

Conservation – the House bill erases support for resource stewardship on 70 million acres (that’s an area the size of Nevada!) of working farm and ranchland by completely eliminating the Conservation Stewardship Program.
Local food – the House bill abandons local farmers by cutting all funding for several programs that invest in helping farmers connect to local and regional buyers and in improving healthy food access.
Beginning and socially disadvantaged farmers – the House bill misses the mark by failing to invest more in beginning farmers, military veteran farmers, and farmers of color. With the average age of farmers continuing to rise, the status quo is not enough to ensure the success of these key farmer communities.
Crop insurance and commodities – the House bill opens major new loopholes allowing for unlimited subsidies that will continue to distort land prices and create an unfair playing field for farmers.

In addition to all of this, the bill makes major changes to the SNAP (food stamp) program that will harm families and children, removing over 2 million people from the program. In short, the House farm bill would be a disaster for farms, diversified and organic operations, the environment, local food systems, low-income families, and rural communities – if it passes, it could set our shared movement back decades! **

Please call your Representative and leave a clear message. Just a few sentences to explain how the bill would impact you and what you care about.