Policy Alert- Partial Government Shutdown impacts


Hunger and Nutrition:

USDA's authorization to fund SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps) expired on Dec. 21, and reauthorization is pending the end of the shutdown. The agency has authority to fund the program for 30 days after authorization  expires, and states have been issues guidance to issue February benefits before January 20. There is a finite pool of contingency funding available for be…

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New Orleans City Planning Commission studies small box retailers- public comment needed

The study, to be completed in the coming months, will look at stores between 5,000 and 10,000 square feet that don’t offer fresh food — excluding gas station stores and pharmacies that sell groceries and make recommendations to City Council. This could include a moratorium on the stores, which concentrate in predominantly low income and underserved districts of the city, and a minimum shelf space for fresh foods at such stores. 

FPAC members Propeller and Tula…

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Possible SNAP cuts in Louisiana

A cut to SNAP is a cut to the health and prosperity of our children and our communities. SNAP has been proven to reduce food insecurity in households who use it, lower the poverty rate, and boost the local economy. Every $5 in new SNAP benefits generating $9 for the local economy.* No other state has cut SNAP benefits; making this an unprecedented move. 

Lawmakers will convene a special 10 day session starting June 18. Now is the time to call your lawmaker and make y…

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June 2018 Postcard Campaign

Postcards sent en masse throughout the month of June (New Orleans Eat Local Month) will deliver a message of hope and encouragement from farmers, agricultural and food stakeholders, and regular citizens (we all eat). This message is to encourage Senator Cassidy to act in support of food-farmers and food-eaters in Louisiana.

postcards for food system

How can Senator Cassidy act on this? W…

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Possible Cuts to Farm, Food, and Nutrition Programs! Your Voice Needed May 15th and 16th!

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From the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition,

A few agriculture-related points regarding H.B. 2, The Farm Bill proposed by the House:

Conservation – the House bill erases support for resource stewardship on 70 million acres (that’s an area the size of Nevada!) of working farm and ranchland b…

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Senator Cassidy: (202) 224-5824

Senator Kennedy: (202) 224-4623

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