New Orleans Food Policy Advisory Committee

Current Actions

Sep 12, 2018

City Council unanimously passes resolution recognizing FPAC as advisory body

On August 23, the New Orleans City Council unanimously voted to re-establish FPAC as a formal advisory body to the Council in matters of food and agriculture policy. 


Councilwoman Nguyen introduced the resolution to the Governance Committee and Executive Director Elisa and Vice Chair Antonio fielded questions and shared our vision and our partner visions for a vibrant and equitable food system. It was approved and sent to full Council on August 24 for a vote. This resolution was passed unanimously. This is a very exciting development and gives us a platform to highlight our member and partner work and elevate food policy. 

What does this mean? We are now charged to give quarterly reports and recommendations that will culminate in a status report on progress and final recommendations in August 2019. The relationship will be evaluated yearly.

Thank you to our members and partners  for your hard work, collaboration and support; this could not have happened without our strong ties. I'm excited to work together with everyone to get to work making sound food policy happen!