New Orleans Food Policy Advisory Committee

Current Actions

Jan 30, 2018

We need your feedback!

Our food policy assessment is complete and we have identified the policy strengths, gaps, and opportunities in the New Orleans food system. We have drafted a set of recommendations that we believe will affect these policy needs. Now we want your feedback! What do you think of the recommendations? Are there changes you would make? Anything we should add? After a 90 day public comment period we will present the final recommendations to the community and policy makers and begin the work of bring them to fruition. 

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Click here for downloadable PDF of recommendations.


New Orleans Food Policy Advisory Committee Policy Recommendations

We, the members of the New Orleans Food Policy Advisory Committee, believe that all of our citizens deserve equal access to fresh, nutritious food and culturally appropriate food as well as equal opportunity to grow, make, and sell food and food products. Our recommendations focus increased equity in the food system and the opportunity for all to grow, make, and eat food that is nutritious, culturally appropriate and the support needed to realize these goals.

The New Orleans Food Policy Advisory Committee shall:
Work with the City of New Orleans to provide easy to understand resources and information to those wishing to grow, make, and/or sell food in order to reduce the confusion around policies and regulations.

Develop a local Good Food Purchasing Program providing incentives for institutional purchasing, value chain coordination, and business support for food businesses interested in selling to a large purchaser.

Identify the laws and policies that govern simple processing, packaging, and selling of produce on agricultural growing site and make recommendations to policy makers on improvements and changes.

We recommend the City of New Orleans:
Support and incentivize development/investment in infrastructure such as commercial kitchens (prioritizing commercial kitchens with business development support and affordable rental rates) and food hubs or other forms of local food aggregation.

Support a continuation of the Fresh Food Retail Initiative (FFRI) programming as well as an explore innovative financing options for food related businesses  (to include alternative distribution models such as farmers markets and mobile markets) and transparency around the usage of these funds and their impact.

Make the existing One Stop Shop system easier to access and navigate and provide clear information on the policies and regulations that govern local food businesses.

Support infrastructure for urban farms and community gardens in New Orleans with transparent processes to land acquisition and leases that allow for long-term investment in growing space.

Recognize that urban agriculture can be part of a healthy water management strategy, and support and incentivize rainwater catchment systems for urban agriculture and gardening.  As well, city support for municipal water line installation on urban farms and community gardens is recommended.

Appoint a city food liaison to work interdepartmentally, ensuring food is interwoven into all policies.

We recommend the State of Louisiana:
Support a continuation and expansion of the Healthy Food Retail Act.

Recognize the importance of agriculture for Louisiana’s economy and culture and support and advocate for the 2016 Urban Agriculture Bill, which increases support for urban and rural agriculture at a state and federal level.

Work with partner organizations to provide technical assistance related to implementation of  Farm to School Program Act 404.